Kuwl Bread Mix

KUWL Bread Mix
With our everyday Bread Mix Blend, you can create a variety of home baked goods right in your own kitchen! For creative and delicious recipe ideas, head over to our blog for inspiration.


Kuwl Bread Mix

  • KUWL Bread Mix
    Our Everyday Bread Mix makes a light and airy loaf of gluten and grain free, paleo friendly bread. Our propriatary blend has almond and cassava flours, arrowroot powder, whole psyllium husk, baking soda, plus spices and seasonings to make it uniquely ours.

  • For Temecula Valley residents, we have easy pick up.



Permit held by Riverside County Health Dept.  PR0079336


2020 Kuwl Company

John 6:35

 So why KUWL ?

 Because the word sums up everything we couldn’t say in  one word! Kuwl; To measure, sustain, to feed, 

 forbearing, guide, hold, provide victuals for.

 What better description is there for the way we feel 

 about sharing food with our loved ones!  “KUWL”

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