The Heart Behind Our Flour Blend   

I never thought we would be here, but it totally makes sense. Growing up in an Italian home, cooking and baking was not an option for the women in our household. My love for all things food, started in a small,  Anaheim Hills, California home.. right smack dap in the middle of an orchard. 


Skipping quite a few years ahead, my food ventures remained consistently European, when, marrying a Basque man good food and plenty of hearty breads were always a feature on our table. 

Baking bread was a necessity that came out of a few weeks, although it seemed like months, of bare minimum in my pantry. That's when flour, salt and water became mine, and my husbands best friend! It caught up to us, and no longer did that wonderfully fluffy bread feel yummy in our tummies, but it felt more like rocks, and indigestible heaps of glue that never sat well. Did I forget to mention I also am a food blogger! My blog, Dalla Mia Cucina, was all about sweets, pastries.. and bread! Being a blogger who reviewed product, and photographed desserts, I made it my aim to have a very distinct pallete. I can assure you that I know what good bread tastes like!

Making the transition to a gluten free lifestyle meant that I would have to forsake breads all together! And I did!! The only store bought gluten free product I used was brown rice pasta. That's it! But then sorrows upon sorrows came, when even the grain friendly ingredients were not so friendly to me, or my husband, who also started down the path of a grain free lifestyle. My search for a grain free bread started in the freezer section of a health food store. I purchased my first loaf of Paleo Bread. The water logged loaf that broke apart after defrosting, was the catapult that launched me into my year long trial and error of creating our KUWL Bread Mix Blend.  This is an EVERYDAY bread, made with rich and healthy almond flour, heart healthy whole psyllium husk, sweet and soft flour-like cassava and a few other spices and ingredients that make KUWL Bread Mix distinctly ours. We love our everyday bread dipped into runny easy-over-eggs, made into hamburger buns, and sandwiched over fresh flaky tuna, avocado and tomatoes, to make juicy tuna melts.  This bread never fails to satisfy! 

Permit held by Riverside County Health Dept.  PR0079336


2020 Kuwl Company

John 6:35

 So why KUWL ?

 Because the word sums up everything we couldn’t say in  one word! Kuwl; To measure, sustain, to feed, 

 forbearing, guide, hold, provide victuals for.

 What better description is there for the way we feel 

 about sharing food with our loved ones!  “KUWL”

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