Our KUWL Bread Mix makes the perfect EVERYDAY Bread!

Kuwl Sandwich bread 1
Kuwl in hand Sandwich bread_

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This bread flour saved my life! I literally felt starved being on a grain free diet, until I found KUWL Flour Blend. It's easy and quick to prepare, and tastes better than a whole wheat loaf. 

Jacqueline Sparr

Permit held by Riverside County Health Dept.  PR0079336


2020 Kuwl Company

John 6:35

 So why KUWL ?

 Because the word sums up everything we couldn’t say in  one word! Kuwl; To measure, sustain, to feed, 

 forbearing, guide, hold, provide victuals for.

 What better description is there for the way we feel 

 about sharing food with our loved ones!  “KUWL”

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